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The Global Village

This World Government Website is maintained by the World Financial Authority under the Council of the World Treasury that allows all global individual investors to purchase World Treasury securities such as World Treasury Bills directly from the World Government. Its website allows money to be deposited from and withdrawn to personal bank accounts, blockchain accounts, World Credit trade accounts and allows rolling repurchase of securities as the currently held items mature.

World Treasury Securities Introduction

To understand the global assets and debts, you need to know about the different forms assets and debt takes. In general, assets and debt are in the form of World Treasury securities including World Treasury bills, notes, bonds, Noocratic Economic Orders, and savings bonds. Some assets and debt are held by World Government agencies. The rest is held by the public.

Most types of World Treasury securities, like World Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and NEOS, are called “marketable” securities because they can be bought and sold, by an adult, in the secondary market after they are purchased from the World Treasury.  Savings bonds are “non-marketable” securities because they are registered to a specific owner (which could be a kid), and cannot be bought and sold to other people in the secondary market by brokers and dealers.

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