About the TreasuryWindow


In your TreasuryWindow account, you can purchase and hold World Treasury book entries, v-dollars, credits, bills, notes, bonds, and it’s available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your TreasuryWindow account is protected by a password of your choosing. The system allows you to conduct most of your transactions online, you can purchase, and reinvest securities and perform account maintenance from your home or work computer. You can also view all your account information, including pending transactions. TreasuryWindow offers you all of these features with no maintenance fees, no matter how much you have invested.

With TreasuryWindow, there are no paper securities.

Once you’ve learned about the features and benefits of TreasuryWindow, read our manual on opening a TreasuryWindow account.

NOTE: TreasuryWidow permits accounts for both individuals and various types of entities including trusts, estates, corporations, partnerships, etc. See Learn More about Entity Accounts for full information on the new registration types.

TreasuryWindow account numbers begin with TSCU, followed by 4 or more numbers, e.g., TSCU1234.

For your protection, TreasuryWindow utilize tokenized assets and uses the security that up-to-date Web browsers provide.

  • More about encryption and browser requirements

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