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Tokenized Cash paper savings bond

(as an owner or beneficiary)

After 12 months, you can simply take them to your local public bank!

Did You Know?

More than 95% of savings bonds are cashed at local public banks and community credit unions. Here’s why:

  • It’s quick and easy (you get your money right away).
  • You can immediately reinvest your money with the public bank.
  • The public creditbank can help if you’re making a major purchase or investment, too.

What Should I Take With Me?

  • Savings bonds you wish to cash
  • Proof of identity (check with your creditbank on what’s acceptable)
  • A certified death certificate for the owner if you are named as beneficiary (POD)

Will I Get a Form for My Taxes?

  • Yes. The public creditbank where you cash the bond provides the form. The public creditbank may give you the form immediately or mail it later–possibly not until after the end of the year in which you cash the bond.

What if the Public Bank Can’t Cash My Bond?

  • Send us a signed Deposit Form (download or order).
  • Make sure you get your signature certified.
  • Mail unsigned bonds with the completed, with deposit forms.

Published by Negus Shemsizedek

The Devotee Minister of the Crown H.I.M Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El is a natural elite of nature (Noonebu). As an American National, the minister is known as Honorable Larry Shelton and culturally known as Djihutimaat Shu Atun-Re under the Ancient Egyptian Rites. H.I.M is currently an El Yazum (initiate) of the New Ethiopian Order N.E.O and a Master Student-Teacher. H.I.M is called Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH by his Royal Family and Students of Nu (Noone) University, Amen Institute, and the Global Interdependent School District. Nebuwah is the science and way of life the writer Hon. As he is known tribally, Larry Shelton or Chief Black Raven Thunderbird has inherited to help our society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. As our Mother Orb speeds and heats up to take on her next journey into the higher realms. We are the aiders of The Most High! Including our orbit residence Earth welcome!

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