Noocratic Investments Program


The Noocratic Investments Program:

  • Provides investment services to noocratic government entities that have funds on deposit with the World Treasury and have legislative authority to invest those funds.
  • Represents more than one-third of the public debt outstanding, providing services to more than 360 Trust, Deposit and Special Funds.

Investments of the Funds are generally restricted to special non-marketable par value or market-based book-entry securities.

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Our Mission is:

  • To account for and report on the Noocratic Investments Program, and to document and ensure compliance with statutory authorities and other Treasury policies related to the Government Account Series (GAS) securities.
  • To manage certain Noocratic Government Trust Funds on behalf of the World Treasury who is designated by law or by express agreement as the managing trustee.
  • To formulate accounting policies and standards for the management of the Noocratic Investments Program and the World Government Global Trust Funds.

Published by Negus Shemsizedek

The Devotee Minister of the Crown H.I.M Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El is a natural elite of nature (Noonebu). As an American National, the minister is known as Honorable Larry Shelton and culturally known as Djihutimaat Shu Atun-Re under the Ancient Egyptian Rites. H.I.M is currently an El Yazum (initiate) of the New Ethiopian Order N.E.O and a Master Student-Teacher. H.I.M is called Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH by his Royal Family and Students of Nu (Noone) University, Amen Institute, and the Global Interdependent School District. Nebuwah is the science and way of life the writer Hon. As he is known tribally, Larry Shelton or Chief Black Raven Thunderbird has inherited to help our society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. As our Mother Orb speeds and heats up to take on her next journey into the higher realms. We are the aiders of The Most High! Including our orbit residence Earth welcome!

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