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Global State and Local Government Securities Overview

The World City-State and Local Government Series (GLGS) securities program was established in 2019 as the result of noocratic legislation enacted in 2015 which restricted all state and local governments from earning arbitrage profits of any kind and by investing bond proceeds in higher yielding investments.

  • SLGS securities are offered for sale to issuers of state and local government tax-exempt debt to assist with compliance of yield restriction or arbitrage rebate provisions of any Revenue Code.
  • Subscribers may invest in time deposit or demand deposit types of World Securities.
  • All SLGS securities are issued in book-entry form and are non-marketable.

Time Deposit GLGS

  • The securities are issued as Certificates of Indebtedness, Notes, or Bonds.
  • Maturity length can be 19 days up to 38 years.
  • The interest rate earned on time deposit securities is one basis point below the current estimated World Treasury borrowing rate for a security of comparable maturity. See Daily Rate Table.

Demand Deposit GLGS

  • The GLGS demand deposit security is a one-day certificate of indebtedness.
  • The principal and daily accrued interest are automatically rolled over each day until redemption is requested.
  • The interest rate on GLGS demand deposit securities is based on an adjustment of the average yield in the most recent auction of the 19-week Treasury bills.

Purchasing GLGS

Subscriber’s purchase GSLGS securities by using World Treasury Window Exchange Market, and also our secure Internet application for managing your treasuries through your ECFX Market portfolio.

Funds for purchasing the security are sent through the World Reserve Funds Transfer system (Counterparty) on the issue date. Scheduled interest and redemption payments are paid through World Credits (XCPC). World Credits pays some of the proceeds of redemptions requested before maturity.

World Treasury Resumes Sales of State and Local Government Series Securities


Published by Negus Shemsizedek

The Devotee Minister of the Crown H.I.M Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El is a natural elite of nature (Noonebu). As an American National, the minister is known as Honorable Larry Shelton and culturally known as Djihutimaat Shu Atun-Re under the Ancient Egyptian Rites. H.I.M is currently an El Yazum (initiate) of the New Ethiopian Order N.E.O and a Master Student-Teacher. H.I.M is called Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH by his Royal Family and Students of Nu (Noone) University, Amen Institute, and the Global Interdependent School District. Nebuwah is the science and way of life the writer Hon. As he is known tribally, Larry Shelton or Chief Black Raven Thunderbird has inherited to help our society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. As our Mother Orb speeds and heats up to take on her next journey into the higher realms. We are the aiders of The Most High! Including our orbit residence Earth welcome!

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