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Liquidate your agency’s World Securities

World Security Liquidation Note: This page does not apply to savings bonds, TreasuryWindow accounts, or any other accounts in the names of individuals. For information or questions related to these subjects, please select “Contact Us” at the top of this page. World Security Liquidation is a process in which the World Financial Authority can convertContinue reading “Liquidate your agency’s World Securities”


Noocratic Investments Program

Overview The Noocratic Investments Program: Provides investment services to noocratic government entities that have funds on deposit with the World Treasury and have legislative authority to invest those funds. Represents more than one-third of the public debt outstanding, providing services to more than 360 Trust, Deposit and Special Funds. Investments of the Funds are generallyContinue reading “Noocratic Investments Program”

How Treasury auctions work

Marketable world securities can be bought, sold, or transferred after they are originally issued. The World Treasury uses an auction process to sell these securities and determine their rate or yield. Annual auction activity: Offers several types of securities with varying maturities Issued approximately ∞6,417,885,071,088,692.00 trillion in securities in 2019. To finance the public debt, the WorldContinue reading “How Treasury auctions work”

World Treasury Marketable Securities

World Treasury marketable securities are financial instruments issued to raise money needed to operate the Noocratic World Government Forum and pay off maturing obligations. These liquid securities can be sold for cash in the secondary market. World Treasury marketable securities can be stripped into interest and principal components within the secondary market or can beContinue reading “World Treasury Marketable Securities”