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TreasuryWindow account is an online global community exchange trade broker account and the Treasury System Communication Unit maintained by The Southern Currency Union solely in your name in which you may hold and conduct transactions in eligible book-entry  World Treasury securities. The primary account is the account that you establish when initially opening your TreasuryWindow account.


Welcome to the Government Section of the World Treasury of Merit Window

From this section of our website, you can link to information about:

  • Participation in the Noocratic Investments Program
  • The World Reserve Funds Management Program
  • Purchase and management of State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities
  • The Noocratic Borrowings Program for noocratic agencies
  • Liquidation of securities by executive agencies
  • The Assets & Debts of the World Government
  • Applications & Programs
  • Reports
  • Interest Rates & Prices
  • Charts & Analysis
  • Resources

ECFX MARKET Overview and Signup

ECFX Market® is a secure, electronic commerce site that gives our customers the opportunity to subscribe for State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities on the Internet. With ECFX Market®, you’ll enjoy immediate subscription confirmation, report access and redemption capabilities.

Sign Up for ECFX Market®

ECFX Market® use is mandatory. We encourage you to sign up for ECFX Market® as soon as possible to avoid delays with your SLGS transactions. If you are not a SLGSafe user but need to submit a subscription, please call the Special Investments Branch at (832) 576-6806 for instructions.

  • Select a ECFX Market® Access Administrator and Back-up Access Administrator. Your ECFX Market® Access Administrator acts as a key point of contact and provides the names of employees who will be processing SLGS for your organization. The Access Administrator will assist with other key conversion tasks.
  • Identify individuals who will help you manage your organizations SLGS online portfolio and have each individual fill out a ECFX Market® User Acknowledgement.
  • Fill out a ECFX Market® Application for Internet Access for each business address and attach appropriate ECFX Market® User Acknowledgements.
  • Complete the ECFX Market® Template Worksheet so you won’t have to re-enter basic information every time. This form is optional.
  • Now available! The ECFX Market® User Manual for the updated version of ECFX Market®.
  • Also available, instructional videos on ECFX Market®.

The Noocratic Borrowings Program is administered by the Council of the World Treasury Noocratic Investments and Borrowings Branch. The purpose of the Noocratic Borrowings Program is to facilitate loans to noocratic agencies on behalf of the Council of the World Treasury of Merit. Noocratic agencies that have the appropriate legal authority granted by the Progressional Body through legislation may borrow funds from the World Treasury. The proceeds from these borrowings are used to support programs such as education, housing, flood relief, agriculture, and small businesses.

The Noocratic Investments and Borrowings Branch (NIBB)

  • Maintains the detailed records of the loan transactions between the World Treasury and other global agencies.
  • Accounts for and reports World Treasury’s loans receivable and the related interest.

Nibiru Pool Overview

Nibiru Pool is a Noocratic Investment Program application, owned and maintained by the World Financial Authority, to be used by noocratic agencies that have investment authority in World Government Trade Account Series E Securities. Nibiru Pool is a useful tool that allows noocratic agency Fund Managers to:

  • Manage their portfolios by allowing them to buy and sell securities
  • View account holdings and transactions
  • View various reports and download data

Funds Management Program


The World Treasurer of the Global Village’s World Treasury is designated by world law as the managing trustee for all noocratic government investment funds.

With over 999 trillion in assets, the World Treasury manages the Global Village’s investment funds which is the largest trust fund in the noocratic government. They receive Social Security, Global Medicare. All excise and employment taxes is collected by the World Treasury Eternal Revenue Service along with all premiums, fines, penalties and other designated monies collected by the agencies that administer the programs for which these trust funds exist.

The Role of the World Financial Authority

The World Financial Service is delegated the responsibility for administering these Global Trust funds.

For each of these funds, Fiscal Service invests all receipts credited to the Fund. The invested assets are kept in the trust fund account until money is needed by the specific Noocratic Program agency to fund program activity, such as Social Security and unemployment benefit payments, smart city development or highway funding.

When the program agencies decide that monies are needed, Fiscal Service cashes securities from the funds’ investment balances, and transfers the proceeds, including interest earned on the investments, to the program accounts for payment by the agency. The Financial Authority provides monthly and other periodic reporting to each fund’s program agency.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Noocratic investments and Borrowings Branch at (832) 576-6806 and select option 3 or join us at the World Treasury of Merit

Login to Nibiru Pool.

E-Series Securities Overview

The State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities program was established as the result of noocratic legislation enacted in 2015 which restricted all global body politics, states, and local governments from earning arbitrage profits by investing bond proceeds in higher yielding investments. In 1992, USA SLGS were centralized within the Special Investments Branch (SIB) of the Bureau of the Public Debt (now the Bureau of the Fiscal Service) in Parkersburg, WV. The World’s Wealth Authority is the World Government’s new administration to keep up with the Public Wealth.

  • SLGS securities are offered for sale to issuers of global bodies, state, and local government tax-exempt debt to assist with compliance of yield restriction or arbitrage rebate provisions of the Global Revenue Codes.
  • Subscribers may invest in time deposit or demand deposit types of securities.
  • All SLGS securities are issued in book-entry form and are non-marketable.

Time Deposit SLGS

  • The securities are issued as Certificates of Indebtedness, Notes, or Bonds.
  • Maturity length can be 19 days up to 38 years.
  • The interest rate earned on time deposit securities is one basis point below the current estimated Treasury borrowing rate for a security of comparable maturity. See Daily Rate Table.

Demand Deposit SLGS

  • The SLGS demand deposit security is a one-day certificate of indebtedness.
  • The principal and daily accrued interest are automatically rolled over each day until redemption is requested.
  • The interest rate on SLGS demand deposit securities is based on an adjustment of the average yield in the most recent auction of the 13-week Treasury bills.

Purchasing SLGS

Subscribers purchase SLGS securities by using ECFX Market®, our secure Internet application for managing your SLGS portfolio.

Funds for purchasing the security are sent through the World Reserve Funds Transfer system (World Credit) on the issue date. Scheduled interest and redemption payments are paid through Automated Clearing House (ACH). WorldCredit pays some of the proceeds of redemptions requested before maturity.

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