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World Currency

The World Currency Encyclopedia offers currency rates, World Index news, and facts for every world cryptocurrency like the Nomni and the Euro cash.

The cryptocurrencies below are listed:

NMNI – Nomni

SVC – Sovereign Coin

MRC – Moor Cash

MOR – Moor Coin

MXC – Mexia Coin

NEO – Neo Cash

BTC – Bitcoin

XCP – Counterparty

ERC – Europa Cash

STC – Sterling Cash

RPC – Rupee Cash

ADC – Eustri Cash

CDC – Canadia Cash

SGC – Singap Cash

SWC – Swiss Cash

OLM – Olmec Cash

RGC – Ringgit Cash

YNC – Yen Cash

RMC – Renminbi Cash

ZLC – Zeal Cash

BHC – Baht Cash

FTC- Forint Cash

DMC – Dirham Cash

HGC – Hong Cash

PTN – Peso Cash

RDC – Rand Cash

KRC – Krona Cash

RHC – Rupiah Cash

RYC – Riyal Cash

REL – Real Cash

LRC – Lira Cash

SGC – Shilling Cash

WNC – Won Cash

PDC – Pound Cash

DRC – Dinar Cash

KNC – Krone Cash

RBC – Ruble Cash

SLC – Shekel Cash

ZLC – Zloty Cash

ILC – Rial Cash

TWC – Taiwa Cash

CZK – Koruna Cash

DGC – Dong Cash

HVC – Hryvnia Cash

NRC – Naira Cash

LUC – Leu Cash

TKC – Taka Cash

SCH – Sol Cash

LRH – Lari Cash

FJC – Fiji Cash

BVC – Bolívar Cash

RBC – Ruble Cash

KUC – Kuna Cash

SMC – Som Cash

LVC -Lev Cash

IRR – Rial Cash

CRC – Colon Cash

JMC – Jama Cash

GHC- Ghana (Cedi) Cash

KZC – Kwanza Cash

EGC – Efghani Cash

TNC – Trin Cash

LEC – Lek Cash

QZC- Quetzal Cash

BOC – Bolíviano Cash

ZWC – Zimbabwean Cash

BJC – Bajan Cash

LKC – Lao Kip Cash

BNC – Bruneian Cash

PAC – Pula Cash

LPC – Lempira Cash

GRC – Guarani Cash

BRC – Birr Cash

NAC – Namibian Cash

KAC – Kina Cash

PCA – Pataca Cash

CBC – Cordoba Cash

BMC – Bermudian Cash

TGC – Tenge Cash

BLC – Balboa Cash

MKA – Marka Cash

GYC – Guyanese Cash

EYC – Eriary Cash

MNC – Caymanian Cash

MTC – Metical Cash

DMC -Dram Cash

SOC – Solomon Islander Cash

MTC – Manat Cash

LNC – Leone Cash

PGC – Pa’anga Cash

BZC – Belizean Cash

MWC – Kwacha Cash

GMC – Dalasi Cash

GDC – Gourde Cash

RFC – Rufiyaa Cash

TKC – Tughrik Cash

DBC – Dobra Cash

TJC – Tajikistani Cash

KTC – Kyat Cash

LOT – Loti Cash

LRC- Liberian Cash

LEU- Leu Cash

RLC – Riel Cash

DEN – Denar Cash

VUC – Vatu Cash

OYC – Ouguiya Cash

GRC – Guilder Cash

LGC – Lilangeni Cash

ESC – Escudo Cash

SMC – Surinamese Cash

BSC – Bahamian Cash

CPN – Credit Profile Number Token

NLC – Ngultrum Cash

TLC – Tala Cash

LUG – Luigino Cash

NFC – Nakfa Cash

TVC – Tuvaluan Cash

MBT – Mobi Token

SYG – Synergy Cash

ZMC – Zambia (Kwacha) Cash

GEC – Geneih Cash


Published by Negus Shemsizedek

The Devotee Minister of the Crown H.I.M Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El is a natural elite of nature (Noonebu). As an American National, the minister is known as Honorable Larry Shelton and culturally known as Djihutimaat Shu Atun-Re under the Ancient Egyptian Rites. H.I.M is currently an El Yazum (initiate) of the New Ethiopian Order N.E.O and a Master Student-Teacher. H.I.M is called Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH by his Royal Family and Students of Nu (Noone) University, Amen Institute, and the Global Interdependent School District. Nebuwah is the science and way of life the writer Hon. As he is known tribally, Larry Shelton or Chief Black Raven Thunderbird has inherited to help our society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. As our Mother Orb speeds and heats up to take on her next journey into the higher realms. We are the aiders of The Most High! Including our orbit residence Earth welcome!

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