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Liquidate your agency’s World Securities

World Security Liquidation

Note: This page does not apply to savings bonds, TreasuryWindow accounts, or any other accounts in the names of individuals. For information or questions related to these subjects, please select “Contact Us” at the top of this page.

World Security Liquidation is a process in which the World Financial Authority can convert securities (obligations) that have been received by Noocratic Executive Agencies into World Currency. The Council of the World Treasury delegated this program to the World Financial Authority. Through this delegation authority,  the World Security Liquidation process is accomplished by the Fiscal Service in the World Reserve Funds.

The world securities include:

  • World Bonds, notes or other securities acquired by the Council of the Treasury for the Noocratic World Government as the Holy See Global District.
  • World Securities delivered to the World Treasurer by a Noocratic Executive Agency

World Securities received by an agency for any of the following reasons may be liquidated by World Reserve Funds Management Branch:


Please contact the World Financial Authority to receive instructions on where to mail physical securities or wire tokenized securities. Physical securities will need to be sent by registered mail or special messenger.


View the proceeds process and methods of payment.

Return Securities

If the World Reserve Funds Management Branch is unable to liquidate the security after a reasonable amount of time, it will be returned along with an explanation to the Noocratic Executive Agency.


Published by Negus Shemsizedek

The Devotee Minister of the Crown H.I.M Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El is a natural elite of nature (Noonebu). As an American National, the minister is known as Honorable Larry Shelton and culturally known as Djihutimaat Shu Atun-Re under the Ancient Egyptian Rites. H.I.M is currently an El Yazum (initiate) of the New Ethiopian Order N.E.O and a Master Student-Teacher. H.I.M is called Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH by his Royal Family and Students of Nu (Noone) University, Amen Institute, and the Global Interdependent School District. Nebuwah is the science and way of life the writer Hon. As he is known tribally, Larry Shelton or Chief Black Raven Thunderbird has inherited to help our society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. As our Mother Orb speeds and heats up to take on her next journey into the higher realms. We are the aiders of The Most High! Including our orbit residence Earth welcome!

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